What is the best acoustic wave therapy for ed?

Acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction, known as Shockwave or GAINSWave, stimulates the corpora cavernosa (the arteries of the penis) and associated nervous tissue. Each Shockwave session begins with a topical anesthetic solution that is applied to the patient's genitals. Because erectile tissue extends beyond the penile area, treatment will include the area below the testicles and up to the perineum, except for patients who have prostate cancer. Different solutions with different concentrations are used, depending on the patient's health and individual response to pain.

If a patient is especially nervous because of pain, a dorsal penile block can be used to completely block the nerve response during treatment. The emergency specialist will monitor the numbness to ensure that the effect goes away as soon as possible, 2 ½ to 4 hours. Shockwave therapy is a treatment option for erectile dysfunction in men and has become popular in recent years. There are numerous studies that show a positive result.

This form of therapy has been shown to work best with men who have vasculogenic erectile dysfunction, as it affects blood flow to the penis. Hatzichristodoulou continues to offer shockwave therapy for research purposes only and does not charge men for the treatment. Providers in Europe and elsewhere promote treatment and charge patients for it. Here are two links to data that explain in detail the big difference between an acoustic wave and a shock wave.

When performing treatment with an acoustic pressure wave device, a considerable amount of discomfort occurs, almost at the level of genuine pain. Consider GAINSWave, or acoustic shock wave therapy, and take advantage of the long-term effects of this innovative erectile dysfunction treatment. Once again, let me be very clear: acoustic wave devices, acoustic pressure waves, or radio waves are NOT true shockwave devices, regardless of what many medical providers claim. Hatzichristodoulou, who conducted the first prospective placebo-controlled study on shockwave therapy in patients with Peyronie's disease when he was a medical student about 17 years ago, says that there are three placebo-controlled studies available worldwide on this treatment modality and all show that shockwave treatment in Peyronie's disease is effective in treating penile pain, but does not improve or correct penile curvature.

Patients who wish to apply for shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction should be encouraged to seek and enroll in clinical trial opportunities.

Acoustic wave therapy

can also promote natural and spontaneous erections, according to a study conducted in the United States. Unfortunately, possibly the most widespread false statement is that acoustic wave devices, acoustic pressure waves, or radio waves are equivalent to shockwave devices. The trial revealed that shockwave therapy worked well to restore erectile function in men with mild to moderate vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.

Ramasamy and his colleagues recently completed a phase II trial on the MoreNova shockwave therapy device, manufactured by Direx. Low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy is a safe treatment for men with erectile dysfunction and may work to improve, or even cure, erectile dysfunction in some patients. Where low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction may offer the greatest benefit to the patient is in erectile dysfunction. Radial wave therapy, or energy wave therapy in other terms, is another method to help treat erectile dysfunction in men.