What does acoustic wave therapy cost?

It will depend on the number of sessions you need. There is increasing clinical research supporting the effectiveness of acoustic wave therapy for the treatment of blood vessel related ED. Acoustic wave therapy is used in the treatment of many other fields, including vascular medicine and urology. Acoustic wave therapy targets plaque that has accumulated over time in blood vessels, replacing infertile cells with new ones to improve sexual performance.

Acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction is affordable and the results are much more spontaneous, immediate and long-term than many other methods. The same acoustic wave therapy is now used for a similar effect on the blood vessels of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. ED acoustic wave therapy is a regenerative approach that aims to restore the health and function of the penis by helping men regain a spontaneous and active sex life. Acoustic wave therapy of erectile dysfunction is a highly effective treatment that is restoring the most optimal erectile function for many men.

Acoustic waves focused on the area create new blood vessels in the penile tissue, allowing men to achieve and maintain firm and spontaneous erections. With acoustic wave therapy, there are no known side effects when used to treat erectile dysfunction, chronic pain, and other frustrating situations. Regenerative Revival is a reputable erectile dysfunction treatment center serving clients in and around The Woodlands, Texas to help men rediscover their healthy sexual performance through acoustic wave therapy treatment. Wave therapy is a non-invasive procedure that has been shown to improve certain types of erectile dysfunction.

Low-intensity shockwave therapy on the penis may help men with severe erectile dysfunction (ED) who do not respond to conventional treatment with phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE) inhibitors, according to data published here at the 26th Annual Congress of the European Urological Association. Treatment involves the transmission of low-intensity acoustic waves (similar to ultrasound waves) to the treatment area. Cardiologists have shown that Acoustic Wave technology stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. Although extremely rare, it has been reported that acoustic wave therapy may have induced venoocclusive vascular insufficiency.