How effective is acoustic wave therapy?

This treatment is especially useful for men with a mild version of ED. Studies have shown that shockwave treatment continues to provide incredible improvements for more than 75% of patients involved. The trial revealed that shockwave therapy worked well to restore erectile function in men with mild to moderate vasculogenic ED. It had no effect in men with severe erectile dysfunction as a result of diabetes or in those who had undergone prostatectomy, cystectomy or radiation.

It also had no effect on men with Peyronie's disease. There were no sham arms in the trial to evaluate the placebo effect. Acoustic wave therapy for ED, known as Shockwave or GAINSWave, stimulates the corpora cavernosa (arteries of the penis) and associated nerve tissue. Each Shockwave session begins with a topical anesthetic solution applied to the patient's genitals.

Because erectile tissue extends beyond the area of the penis, treatment will include the area under the testicles and down to the perineum, except in patients with prostate cancer. Different solutions are used with different intensities, depending on the patient's health and individual response to pain. If a patient is especially nervous about pain, a dorsal block of the penis can be used to completely block the nerve response during therapy. The erectile dysfunction specialist will monitor the numbness to ensure that the effect wears off as soon as possible, 2 ½ to 4 hours.

Acoustic wave therapy (AWT) is a mechanical stimulation that encourages natural healing processes in the body. For even greater erectile rejuvenation, acoustic wave therapy can be combined with P-Shot (platelet-rich plasma), which adds a high concentration of growth factors to strategic areas according to a patented protocol. Regenerative Revival is a reputable erectile dysfunction treatment center serving clients in and around The Woodlands, Texas to help men rediscover their healthy sexual performance through acoustic wave therapy treatment. Consider receiving GAINSWave or acoustic shock wave therapy and take advantage of the long-term effects of this innovative ED treatment.

Class 2 shockwave therapy devices are regulated by the FDA and cannot be used outside of a clinical trial, Dr. Hatzichristodoulou continues to offer shockwave therapy only in the research setting and does not charge men for treatment, providers in Europe and elsewhere are promoting treatment and charging patients for it. Acoustic waves create microtrauma in the tissue, stimulating the body's natural healing response. A shockwave therapy regimen usually includes six different treatments, but treatment protocols may change as more research becomes available.

Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy is a safe treatment for men with erectile dysfunction and may work to improve, or even cure, ED in some patients. In a review of 14 studies of men who received low-intensity extracorporeal acoustic wave (LI-ESWT) treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), there was evidence that these men experienced improvements in their ED after LI-ESWT. There is zero point zero medical literature that supports the use of this type of shock wave therapy for erection problems. Dr.

Acoustic Wave Therapy. ED is a simple, drug-free, painless, non-invasive procedure that cures or reduces the vascular difficulties of erectile dysfunction rather than just treating the symptoms. Acoustic wave therapy targets plaque that has accumulated over time in blood vessels, replacing infertile cells with new ones to improve sexual performance. Low-intensity shockwaves have also been shown to grow new blood vessels and improve blood flow in the penis, which is essential for erections.