Everything You Need to Know About Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic wave therapy is a type of physiotherapy equipment used to treat diseases of the muscles and motor support devices. It works by generating low-frequency shockwaves in the infrasonic range, which have unique penetrating qualities. These sound waves are not audible, but they impact muscle tissue, cartilage and bone lesions. Under the impact, fat deposits, calcifications, cartilage and bone lesions disintegrate.

The procedure does not cause pain or unpleasant sensations, is practically silent, and the functional parts of the device do not come into contact with the patient's skin. The Radial Shockwave Machine System features a touch screen and two quick-adjust buttons that allow you to quickly adjust the frequency and energy of acoustic wave therapy. Utilizing the body's regenerative ability, shockwave therapy accelerates tissue repair, provides great pain relief and improves quality of life. Clinical studies have shown that shockwave therapy is highly effective in treating patients with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease. The application of focused acoustic wave therapy produces a transient permeability of the cell membrane. One of the benefits of having an affordable acoustic wave device like The Phoenix is that you can use the device for additional treatments if you notice a performance loss in the future. Wave Fat Reduction Therapy Shockwave Machine Pain Relief Treatment is also called acoustic wave therapy, which is a radial shockwave device that uses the repair mechanisms intrinsic to the body to regenerate tissue.

Acoustic wave therapy treatment increases blood flow in all tissue layers, including connective tissue, through vasodilation and vascularization. Most men who perform a full treatment cycle can enjoy of the benefits of shock wave therapy for up to two years, depending on health conditions or other physical factors. Urologists have even used shock wave therapy for decades to break down gallstones, pancreatic stones, and to treat kidney stones.