Does shockwave therapy increase size?

The 30-minute procedure may encourage the growth of new blood vessels in patients with poor circulation, diabetes or prostate cancer. Some men also seek this treatment because it can increase the length and girth of the penis. The results last about a year. Shockwave therapy of the penis at this time has not documented any increase in penile length.

Some men undergoing penile shockwave therapy may report an increase in penis size. This may also be due to increased blood flow with an erect penis, and not because of a true increase in size. Currently, the treatment to improve the length of the penis is the extensors of the penis or the incision of the suspensory ligament of the penis. The suspensory ligament of the penis maintains an erection pointing upwards.

Cutting this ligament allows the penis to protrude more from the body, but it can also cause injury and possible penile anesthesia (numbness). Penile injectables and fillers have been used to increase the circumference of the penis, but they have complication rates and are not recommended. The clinical term for this treatment used by urologists is low-intensity shock wave therapy (LiSWT). During treatment, a small rod-like device uses directed sound waves to stimulate penile tissue and encourage blood flow, which can also speed up the healing process.

Low-intensity shockwaves have also been shown to grow new blood vessels and improve blood flow in the penis, which is essential for erections. PRP treatments are the latest innovation when it comes to increasing penis size. This treatment is backed by science and does not make empty promises, unlike traditional methods and folk remedies. You may notice an increase in the length of your erections of up to an inch and a half inch longer when it comes to circumference.

Erections depend on healthy blood flow to the penile tissue. Shockwave therapy is favorably considered as a way to repair and strengthen the blood vessels of the penis and improve blood flow. The energy from shockwave therapy stimulates the growth of new blood vessels through a process called angiogenesis. This increases blood flow to the penis, which can improve erectile function.

A shock wave is defined as an abrupt change in pressure caused by an object that travels faster than the speed of sound. Penile shockwave therapy today uses a small portable device that delivers small pulsating shockwaves and pressure forces to the penile tissue. We suggest that both therapies represent good alternatives to PDE5i agents in the treatment of ED. Several clinical trials and studies have shown that penile shockwave therapy can improve erectile function.

Patients in the ESWT group were treated with ESWT administered with a shockwave therapy device LGT-2500B (Longest Technology Co. Because shock wave therapy is a relatively new treatment for ED that is not covered by insurance plans, the urologist may first recommend other treatment options for ED. Shockwave therapy is generally recommended for patients who do not respond well to medications or who do not want more invasive treatments. Since the 1980s, shock wave therapy has been mainly used in the field of urology and cardiology to treat kidney stones and revitalize ischemic heart tissue, respectively.

To learn more about penile shockwave therapy and to find a trusted clinic that offers this novel erectile dysfunction therapy, talk to a REGENX Health provider today. The GAINSWave treatment is a shock wave therapy that directly targets low blood flow, which is the main cause of erectile dysfunction and other conditions affecting the penis, using high-frequency acoustic waves. If it's time to bring more spontaneous intimacy into your life, extracorporeal shock wave therapy may be the right choice for you. This theory is fundamental for the improvement of vascular flow and erectile function after applying shockwave therapy.

All patients undergoing low-intensity penile shockwave therapy should be warned that the treatment is Most men receiving P injection therapy notice a dramatic increase in their sexual response. .